My study of the ‘Lost Filipino Script’ was featured in the LCC Thesis Exhibition. As well as having my thesis and pieces displayed, I held a lecture to speak about whether the Philippines needed Baybayin to create a more distinctive national identity.


It was a highly research intensive project where interviews heavily influenced my design pieces. I travelled to Manila for a week to speak to people
such as 
controversial activists, artists and the director of the Philippine National Archives. All of these
people helped for the production of my thesis and
the exhibition.


I created wooden artifacts that I thought would have been a good take away from a giftshop or store that included elements from Filipino culture such as Barong Tagalog material and patterns inspired by traditional local designs.

I kept colour minimal and put a lot of emphasis in materials and layering. My thesis discusses how I believe that the true Filipino identity is found within the layering of all of their external influences and
how it has been transformed into something
uniquely Filipino. So the layering of patterns can be found consistently throughout all of the products of this project.

The posters were created as a series to represent the different layers of influence from the core to Spanish influenced architecture to the American influenced surge in products such as Coca Cola.

I wanted my audience to experience bits of FIlipino culture through the material as well. So I brought back a couple of local materials to create the cover of my thesis. 

I binded my thesis and illustrated a map alongside it to portray the reach of Spanish colonies.

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