I was given the task of creating a new ‘urban’ display for the latest Adidas Tubular series in Carnaby Street, London. I created this while I was interning at Studio Xag amongst other projects but I feel proud of this as its was my first solo project that I had full reign on.


We were given a couple of images with brutalist architecture as a starting point. I was given full responsibility of creating the visuals for the window,

artworking concrete vinyls for the floor and artworking the indoor furniture. 


My only restriction with the window space was to make sure that there was enough space to show the wide LED screens. I edited the images that were given to us to create an abstract enclosure that also mirrored the designs of the new trainers. 

Dynamic vinyl shapes and bold text worked as a quick and easy solution to a temporary display.

Designed with Studio Xag

 © 2020 by Shana Hackman | Sweetarcade

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